Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(female calling for help in alley N of AP, female cop says she'll check it out- dispatcher gives a sassy voice and says "Not alone you won't-")

11:59: Loud backyard party off Drake and Sunnyside

11:50: Same people who called yesterday about a loud TV

11:34: Gun shots, or a door being kicked in, off Bernard, S of Montrose (dispatcher notes only one ticket for this....i wonder if this is a sleeper imagining the recent murder off Sunnyside?)

11:19: Basketball guys still at it, caller still complaining

11:16: White van parked illegally in front of CTA vehicle

(lots of crazy shit happening between Chopin and Kilbourne Park tonight, including a cop using pepper spray to subdue)

10:58: Guys in alleyway off Argyle and Lawndale playing basketball too loudly.

10:44: Guy being questioned by police for a license plate number (missed details) turns out to have a warrant for his arrest. Off Lawrence.

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