Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(and, it's 12:26am, and I have heard nothing taking place in Albany Park......lots of stuff directly south.....)


11:33: Noise complaint (music in a parked car) off Wilson and Kimball

11:31: Noise complaint (over a TV!!!!) off Avers & Lawrence

11:17: problem with landlord, between Wilson and Leland on St. Louis. Woman saw her landlord running out of her apartment earlier today, found her apartment in disarray. Was told to call back when he was in his apartment.

11:08: Cops giving a female, off Kenton and Lawrence, a ride to the train (how nice)


10:45: Man robbed at gun point, off englewood, 30 minutes ago. Lives off Drake and Sunnyside, called when he got home. Was responding to an ad on craigslist regarding his xbox.

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