Tuesday, September 8, 2009

12:43: 2 suspicious males with spray paint canisters walking on 3500 Montrose. (were picked up in 3 minutes)

12:36: fire on the 3rd floor, of 4343 N Albany

12:35: someone robbed a 7-11, Montrose and Kimball, perp is wearing a black t-shirt, with a picture of chains on it. Stole a bunch of candy. Fleeing W. on Montrose.

12:34: Robbery, by a 6ft, 30 yr old muscular man wearing a ripped t-shirt, black pants, white du-rag, brandishing a silver revolver. Stole about $200. By Montrose and California.


11:49: (something I couldn't catch) at the liquor store at 3158 Montrose

11:44: man trying to pay with fake money on 4405 Kedzie

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