Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(female calling for help in alley N of AP, female cop says she'll check it out- dispatcher gives a sassy voice and says "Not alone you won't-")

11:59: Loud backyard party off Drake and Sunnyside

11:50: Same people who called yesterday about a loud TV

11:34: Gun shots, or a door being kicked in, off Bernard, S of Montrose (dispatcher notes only one ticket for this....i wonder if this is a sleeper imagining the recent murder off Sunnyside?)

11:19: Basketball guys still at it, caller still complaining

11:16: White van parked illegally in front of CTA vehicle

(lots of crazy shit happening between Chopin and Kilbourne Park tonight, including a cop using pepper spray to subdue)

10:58: Guys in alleyway off Argyle and Lawndale playing basketball too loudly.

10:44: Guy being questioned by police for a license plate number (missed details) turns out to have a warrant for his arrest. Off Lawrence.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EveryBlock vs SpotCrime

EveryBlock lists 57 crimes so far for the month of September, while SpotCrime lists 61. Well, at least EveryBlock lists business licenses!

(and, it's 12:26am, and I have heard nothing taking place in Albany Park......lots of stuff directly south.....)


11:33: Noise complaint (music in a parked car) off Wilson and Kimball

11:31: Noise complaint (over a TV!!!!) off Avers & Lawrence

11:17: problem with landlord, between Wilson and Leland on St. Louis. Woman saw her landlord running out of her apartment earlier today, found her apartment in disarray. Was told to call back when he was in his apartment.

11:08: Cops giving a female, off Kenton and Lawrence, a ride to the train (how nice)


10:45: Man robbed at gun point, off englewood, 30 minutes ago. Lives off Drake and Sunnyside, called when he got home. Was responding to an ad on craigslist regarding his xbox.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Couple shot last night in their home

19 year old Angelina Escobar and her 24 year old boyfriend Alex Santiago were killed in their apartment last night, while their roommate slept. ABC covers the story here , and here is CBS Chicago's version.

Friday, September 18, 2009

window smashing party last night?

3 car windows were smashed last night, off Lowell and N Kasson. Various items were stolen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

crime and CAPS

There have been approximately 30 crimes committed in Albany Park from September 1st -9th, according to the CPD website. 3 were motor vehicle theft and aggravated assault (2 with handguns), 4 were burglaries, and the rest were larceny. Compared to last month (August 1st- 9th), the crime rate is almost the same.

...and tonight is the CAPS meeting for beat 1723. The meeting starts at 7pm, and is being held at the 17th district police station community room, located at 4650 Pulaski. To view the police flyer (and figure out if you live in beat 23), go here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Albany and Ainslie

Around 10:00 PM, six police cars (including two undercover SOS units) stopped and blocked the intersection of Albany and Ainslie. Three Latino men were arrested and three were allowed to leave.

Monday, September 14, 2009

...a quiet night-

12:06: Loud music at a party, with marijuana, off Drake.

11:37: Unruly customer at 7-11, off Kimball and Montrose.


11:16: missing 17 yr old named Gomez, off Whipple and Montrose.

strange noises

At 3:00 AM September 14, I witnessed an African-American male following an African-American female northbound on Albany Ave. He was drunkenly screaming at her about all the sacrifices he made, the bullshit he put up with, and how she owed him. She was quietly walking away, but he pursued, stumbling back and forth on the sidewalk. I placed an anonymous call to 911 immediately and a car arrived seconds later.

more about that woman off Bernard, and the found child-

WBBN Radio has a little story on that woman off Bernard and the "found child".

Foul play is not suspected and no citations or charges would be sought, according to the captain who said the child’s parents showed “poor judgment’’ in leaving the child.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

12:09 Anonymous caller says female crying for help off Lawndale.

12:07: Robbery off Elston, stole $200 while person was out at the gym.

11:56: Check-up on auto accident site, all cleared.

11:52: Teens still throwing rocks at cars from that Avers address, hopping the fence to do it.

(3rd domestic battery at 11:49, but I am classy like that so won't report it- but really? 3 in less than an hour? Cops remark "people are unhappy because the bears lost"-)

11:38: Teens drinking in empty pool off Lowell, North of Carmen

11:38: Missing teens throwing rocks at cars at 5100 Avers

11:25: Auto accident off Lawrence (couldn't make out location), car flipped over, person trapped inside- being transported to Swedish Covenant.

11:17: 2 hispanics running, making noise in the alleyway off Sunnyside and Whipple.

11:10: Drunk woman screaming on Bernard, claims she found a child. (update: Child is 2, woman claims to be babysitting child because parents abandoned it. Cop quote: "She's nuts")

10:19: Auto accident, 2 cars, at Grace and Sawyer, no injuries.

10:17: a call came in at 9:21, regarding damaged property at 3701 W Lawrence (laundromat). Officer has someone in custory.

10:07: 2 males in an Osco parking lot (4042 Foster), checking out parked cars

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

12:43: 2 suspicious males with spray paint canisters walking on 3500 Montrose. (were picked up in 3 minutes)

12:36: fire on the 3rd floor, of 4343 N Albany

12:35: someone robbed a 7-11, Montrose and Kimball, perp is wearing a black t-shirt, with a picture of chains on it. Stole a bunch of candy. Fleeing W. on Montrose.

12:34: Robbery, by a 6ft, 30 yr old muscular man wearing a ripped t-shirt, black pants, white du-rag, brandishing a silver revolver. Stole about $200. By Montrose and California.


11:49: (something I couldn't catch) at the liquor store at 3158 Montrose

11:44: man trying to pay with fake money on 4405 Kedzie
7:31: Children throwing toys out of third story window into woman's backyard, at 4343 N Troy

7:28: half beagle, half boston terrier mix was lost around montrose and cicero. Dog answers to the name "Bono"

7:24: Just north of Lawrence, someone is throwing rocks on the Kennedy Expy

7:21: strong-armed robbery in progress at Pulaski and Irving, (updated: victim is shot, cannot move, had his cell phone taken) 2 hispanics on foot running north on Keystone, one wearing a gray shirt, the other in a white shirt with black shorts.

7:13: Neighbor across the hall stole a woman's dog, at 4944 N Harding

6:49: car check at Wilson and Drake

Monday, September 7, 2009

9:12: 14 year old boy in an orange t-shirt is missing, last seen at Lawrence and Pulaski at noon. Has acne. Named Justin Santiago, 130 pounds, 5'7. Possibly on a dirt bike. First time out, no unusual circumstances.