Sunday, September 13, 2009

12:09 Anonymous caller says female crying for help off Lawndale.

12:07: Robbery off Elston, stole $200 while person was out at the gym.

11:56: Check-up on auto accident site, all cleared.

11:52: Teens still throwing rocks at cars from that Avers address, hopping the fence to do it.

(3rd domestic battery at 11:49, but I am classy like that so won't report it- but really? 3 in less than an hour? Cops remark "people are unhappy because the bears lost"-)

11:38: Teens drinking in empty pool off Lowell, North of Carmen

11:38: Missing teens throwing rocks at cars at 5100 Avers

11:25: Auto accident off Lawrence (couldn't make out location), car flipped over, person trapped inside- being transported to Swedish Covenant.

11:17: 2 hispanics running, making noise in the alleyway off Sunnyside and Whipple.

11:10: Drunk woman screaming on Bernard, claims she found a child. (update: Child is 2, woman claims to be babysitting child because parents abandoned it. Cop quote: "She's nuts")

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